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György Selmeczi
Interior designer
former university lecturer

Life course:
He graduated from the Zalka Máté High School in Budapest in 1971. He graduated from the College of Applied Arts in 1979 with a degree in interior design. György Szrogh was his master and supervisor, whose spirit was a decisive influence on his career. After graduating from the College of Applied Arts, he worked on interior and decorative design projects on his own and then with colleagues. He graduated from the Institute of Advanced Studies of the College of Applied Arts in 1981.

In 1985 he was awarded the SZOT Creative Scholarship. He founded his own design office in 1997, designing restaurants, holiday hotels, shops, private houses, etc.

Between 2004-2017, he was a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Kaposvár, and in 2013 he was the acting head of the Department of Visual Design. Róbert Menczel, János Ács, Ágnes Gyarmathy, with whom he has been working for decades.

György György, György Romansky and György Z. PhD candidate, dissertation topic.

She is a member of the Senate of the University of Kaposvár between 2012-2016.

His interest in the visual arts is also open, and an exhibition of his paintings has been opened. In his theatre designs he used the name György Selmeczi T. György, which was derived from the surname of his paternal great-grandfather Thuolt, to distinguish himself from the composer, pianist, conductor and opera director of the same name (György Selmeczi (composer)).

In 2017, a commemorative exhibition entitled "The Youth of a Genius" was opened on the basis of the Neumann collection he had discovered.[1][2]

In 2017-2019, he was responsible for the discovery and research of the Ehrbar Relief. His announcement that his research suggests that the Klimt brothers are the creators of this relief has attracted a great deal of international press coverage.[3]

His most important interior design works
Caola-KHV headquarters - 1981
Telefónia Museum, Budapest (Castle), 1984
Posta Educational Centre and Theatre Hall, 1985
Rátkai Artists' Club, 1986
Operetta Theatre, lobby interior renovation, 2001
Szeparé Bistro (Nyugati pályaudvar, Budapest, 2008); co-designed by Győző Herédi
Museum of Applied Arts - Art Nouveau furniture exhibition, 2011
DOStalgia - MMKM; 100 years of the Queen of theárdás, Operetta Theatre, 2011
Simetric shoe shop network; Equitas Broker Rt.; Gallery Drink Bar, 2015
Corvinus University, Cultural Centre and theatre interior design - 2017
Major theatre set designs
Eugene O'Neill: The Night Porter (Original title: Hughie), Ódry Színpad, Budapest, Hungary; 28.10.1978; College of Theatre and Film, Budapest, translated by Tamás Ungvári; Gábor Pál[4]
Samuel Beckett: Lyrics and Music, Directed by János Ács; Ódry Színpad, Budapest, 28.10.1978; College of Theatre and Film, Budapest, translated by Dezső Tandori [5]
Edward Albee Tale of the Zoo (Ódry Színpad, 1978)
Original title: The Zoo Story; Opening date: 28.10.1978. Company.

Gyula Illyés Fate Choosers
First performance 14.02.1981, Pécs National Theatre, Pécs; Chamber Theatre of Pécs National Theatre, Director: Ferenc Sík Production Manager: András Vitai Assistant Director: Éva Kmetz, Assistant Director: István Molnár Set Designer: György Selmeczi Costume Designer: Ilona Vágvölgyi[7] 

István Pállya Cunning and Lucky (Kőszeg Castle Games, 1992)
Date of premiere: 23.07.1992 Kőszeg Castle Theatre, Kőszeg director.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov: Mama Courage (Miskolc N. Sz., 1993)
Original title: Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder; Release date: 1993.11.11. 19 Company.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Three Sisters (Miskolc National Theatre, 1999)
Original title: Tri szesztri. Premiere date: 1998.12.04 Miskolc National Theatre, Miskolc, director.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Platonov (Szeged National Theatre, 1999)
Platonov. Date of premiere: 12.03.1999. Company.
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Platonov (Szeged National Theatre, 1999)

Gyula Háy: Apassionata (Jókai Theatre, Békéscsaba, 1992)
Original title: Appassionata; date of premiere: 20.03.1992; Békés Megyei Jókai Színház, Békéscsaba director: Iván Vas-Zoltán assistant director: Erzsébet Gáspár dramaturg: Sándor Zsótér, set and costume design: together with Róbert Menczel designer György Selmeczi[12]

János Vitéz (song play) (Arany János Theatre, 1992)
Author: by Károly Bakonyi; director: János Ács; choreographer: Anikó Juhász Premiere date: 15.03.1992. Music by Pongrác Kacsóh; Lyrics by Jenő Heltai; Assistant director Márta Szabó Sipos Szabó Dramaturg by Róbert Vörös; Costume designer György Csík Set design by Róbert Menczel and György Selmeczi [13]

Richard Genée - Karl Haffner The Bat (Miskolc, 2007. Operetta Festival Porto-Tores - Sardinia)
Original title. 30; Miskolc National Theatre, Miskolc, director: Katalin Váradi conductor: Philippe de Chalendar conductor: Zsolt Regős assistant choreographer: Zita Kürti costume designer: Henriette Laczó set designer: Róbert Menczel and György Selmeczi [14]

Imre Kálmán: Csárdáskirálynő (Szeged Open-Air Festival, 2007)
Set design by Róbert Menczel and György Selmeczi, directed by Róbert Alföldi

Awards, scholarships:
SZOT Fine and Applied Arts Scholarship - 1985
Most important group exhibitions
1985 SZOT Scholarship Holders Exhibition
2004 Valley of Arts[15]
2004 Chaos Gallery
2016 University of Kaposvár - Teaching works
2018 "Free hand space design" Group exhibition of members of the Hungarian Interior Designers Association. The professional organizer of the exhibition is the Hungarian Association of Interior Designers, the professional sponsor of the exhibition and the accompanying leporello is the Hungarian Academy of Arts, Crafts and Design Section.[16][17][18][19][20]
Key exhibitions
János Neumann exhibition[2][1]
Long live love - exhibition at the Operetta, 17 November 2015
Budapest und seine Geschichte - Gallery Drink Bar, Akadémiai Kiadó 1993 ISBN 963 05 6624 9; 32, 65. p.
A magyar belsőépítészet 1945-2012 A post-World War II interior design (edited by Hedvig Dvorszky) published by the Hungarian Interior Designers Association, Budapest, 2014, 510 pages ISBN 978-963-089-9598 317. p.
Népszabadság - Csuhaj I.: Nem volt Marslakó / The youth of a genius - 29.04.2011.[22]
NJSZT website[2] - Szedmer Sz: New cultural event space at Corvinus - 18.05.2019.[23]
Népszabadság - Szalai Anna: It's not a business to spend money on a shop - 29 May 2003.
Der Standard[24]
The Art Newspaper[25]
Hungarian Association of Interior Designers ;[27][28]
Artes kft website [30]
Studies, publications
György Kovács Győző-Selmeczi. 4-5. pp. - 2011 ISBN 978-963-7099-18-2 [31]
György Selmeczi: A SZÍNHÁZ BELSŐ TEREI. Criticai Lapok 2015/07-08.
György Selmeczi: PLATONOV'S VILAGA on the stage of Alföldi and Menczel. Criticai lapok (2014)
György Selmeczi: A SZÍNHÁZ INSIDE SPACES [32] 2014/7-8.
György Selmeczi: PLATONOV'S VILÁGA on the stage of Alföldi and Menczel[33]

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